Monday, August 21, 2017

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy new week, blogging pals! How is everyone? Did you have a nice weekend? What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you see? Share whatever you'd like in the comments. I'd love to hear all about it.

Saturday afternoon we drove to the West Island in Montreal to watch the most amazing man in the world's very close friend playing on stage with his two bands at the rib fest. A lot of people go there for the food but since I don't eat much meat, I'm not a fan of ribs or heavy sauces, and I steer clear of pork and fried foods, the smell from all those stalls was really overwhelming. I could feel my stomach doing somersaults at the very thought of eating anything from there. I thought the most amazing man in the world would want to try something from the competitors but he wasn't in the mood for any of it. Luckily we found one vendor that was selling veggie type foods with more wholesome ingredients and we got something light to eat. Hey, we all have our eating preferences. Yesterday was a very quiet, slacking-off kind of day because we need some of those, too.

And right now I'm going to share some funny stuff with you, so the day can start off with a smile. Let's get to it.

Have a great day ahead!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Week

Have you ever made a decision that you thought was smart and it turned out to be the opposite? When that happens, the most amazing man in the world and I say “We had a bad case of the clevers”. That’s what we were inflicted with recently. We ordered a kitchen table and instead of having it delivered, we thought we’d save on substantial shipping costs and go pick it up. Our first mistake was not getting the measurements of the box. Our second mistake was planning to pick it up on the west island of Montreal because “it would be a fun day trip”. We found out that the box didn’t fit in our SUV. Yeah. To make a long story short, we couldn’t pick it up and they wouldn't deliver to Ontario and it would have cost a fortune to rent a van, so the most amazing man in the world had to sheepishly ask a friend with a trailer for help. We’re still joking about this incident and our “bad case of the clevers”.

Last night we watched a 2008 documentary called “The End Of Poverty?” that left us a little anxious and even a little angry. Because humans can be really shitty. Narrated by Martin Sheen, it explains how global poverty didn’t just happen. That it began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in seizure of land, minerals and forced labour. It goes on to explain that the problem continues today because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies imposed upon poor countries by the wealthy ones. You’ll learn how 20% of the planet’s population uses 80% of its resources and consumes 30% more than earth can regenerate. If you’ve ever asked yourself why poverty still exists when there is so much wealth in the world, consider watching this film. We watched it for free on YouTube. Here’s the link: The End of Poverty?

Speaking of watching stuff, did my Canadian friends ever watch the TV show ‘The Littlest Hobo”? The series (1963-65, 1979-1985) follows the adventures of an unnamed, extremely intelligent and heroic German Shepherd who wanders from place to place befriending and helping people in need. And when his job is done, he heads off to continue his cross-country drifting and his adventures in ‘saving the day’. I was a huge fan of this iconic Canadian television program and for the longest time I wanted a German Shepherd. Of course that was never going to happen but one can certainly dream. The reason I bring this up is because I ran across the show’s intro recently and decided to watch it for old time’s sake. Well, let me tell you, the theme song, which is quite catchy, has been playing in my head for days. And now I’m going to share it with you. Go ahead, click on it. I dare you.

Incidentally, the song is “Maybe Tomorrow” by Terry Bush and you can find the original and full version here.

Once upon a time I used to enjoy paint-by-number kits and I’m thinking of getting back into it. I figure it’ll be a great way to relax, just like it is with adult colouring books that I have quite an assortment of. I’m not the most gifted person in them but I like to dabble in different types of arts and crafts. They’re not only fun but also a very creative form of meditation. Does anyone do this type of painting? Do you enjoy other forms of arts and crafts? Share your thoughts!

Maybe I should start with an easy one.

Yesterday I finished my 23rd book of the year, which means I surpassed my 2017 reading challenge on Goodreads where I committed to 22 books. I’m 10 books ahead of schedule and I’m curious to see what the count will be at the end of the year. Do you enjoy reading? I’m a shameless bookaholic. Right now I’m enjoying ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’, the fourth novel in the Millennium series. The creator of the first three was Stieg Larsson. Tragically, he died of a heart attack in 2004 and the series is being continued by David Lagercrantz.

That’s it for today. I seem to ramble on in these posts and I hope I haven’t put anyone to sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope each and every one of you had a nice weekend. The weather has been pretty nice, albeit it a little humid at times. And have you noticed that we are losing daylight? It's getting darker earlier each day. Hmpf...not something I'm happy about. But what can you do?

Yesterday evening we went for a nice long walk. Do you enjoy walking? If the weather is just right, the most amazing man in the world and I can walk for a very long time. And have some really interesting conversations along the way. Sometimes, by the time we get back home, we've come up with solutions for many of the world's problems. *snort*

Now let's get to the funny stuff!

I am that friend!

Have a good one!