Monday, February 27, 2017

Chuckles and Chortles

Happy new week, blogging pals. I am broadcasting live from our new home! Okay, I'm being silly. I'm writing up this post in our new city.

We made it. And we're all still standing. Some of us are a little lopsided but not one has toppled over yet. The cats are very happy now but the move was extremely difficult and stressful for them, especially for our black cat, Nacho. I'll write a little about that sometime this week. I'm not sure when and I imagine my blogging will be somewhat sporadic for a little while, but I'll post when I can. Popping into your blogs will probably happen more regularly as I like to start my morning with a coffee and a few blog visits.

Today we close on the sale of our house and we'll be driving to Kingston to allow the new owners a final walk through before the home becomes officially theirs. It will be our last drive there for a long time to come. We'll be spending more time in Montreal and Ottawa from now on where the girls, family and friends reside.

Well, that's it for now. A busy day awaits and I have to get started. Here is some funny stuff for you.

Have a good one!

Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week

What a week it’s been! We spent a good portion of it in our new place but yesterday we stayed put and packed up the rest of the house. All. Day. Long. It’s all those loose ends that you try to gather and group together that are annoying. And it’s all the glasses and cups and dishes and everything that you have to carefully pack because they are in danger of breaking and chipping that push you over the edge. Then there’s the medicine cabinet and the toiletries and the clothing and the food...on and on it goes. UGH! Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Today we move! We are going to go for breakfast, pick up the rented truck, throw our crap stuff in it, hit the highway and take it to our new home. The most amazing man in the world will be driving the rental and I’ll be right behind him (or in front) with our two cats. They’ve never been anywhere else (aside from the vet’s) and they’ve certainly never been on a long drive. This is going to be quite an adventure for them. When we get to our new place, we’re going to put them and all their things in one room to keep them contained and safe while we unload the truck.

Truth be told, I’m not going to miss our home in Kingston because it’s just way too big for us. It has 2600 square feet of living space (this includes the finished basement) that I am sick and tired of taking care of. We use about half the house and the other half just collects dust. Our new place is 1400 square feet; almost half the size. I had hoped for no more than 1100 square feet but that’s okay. It’s a young home (built in 2005) and although it needs some work, all of it is aesthetical. We’ll work on the house little by little and make it shine. I’ll share that journey as we move along.

So I’m not going to miss our old place. But my heart is still heavy because there are so many memories within those walls. And in the beautiful city of Kingston. Oh how I’m going to miss that amazing city. We moved there in 2009 and loved every minute. We explored the entire area and enjoyed many adventures.

Farewell, Kingston. It's been phenomenal! And you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

And that’s it, everyone. When you read this, I might be loading up our stuff. Or on the road. Or in our new house. But wherever I am, I’m wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And So It Begins

Yesterday around noon we got a call from our lawyer's office that our new home was officially ours, so we drove over to our new city a couple of hours away, stopped in at the lawyer's office (the lawyer of the old owner), picked up the keys and spent the day at our new place. While there, the most amazing man in the world dedicated his time to setting up the alarm system and I spent my time here:

In our new kitchen. Washing and scrubbing. Scrubbing and washing. And then scrubbing and washing some more. Don't let the photo fool you, there are layers of dirt and grease on the cabinetry. It was so hard to clean that at one point I just wanted to stand in the middle of the room and start crying. Not the silent, little sniffles type of crying. But the loud, blubbering, howling type. Because. I. Was. So. Frustrated. And I didn't think I could handle anymore. But I took a break and managed to pull myself together.

By the time we wrapped up to head back home to Kingston,  I was beyond tired. And even more frustrated. Because with all those aches and pains that I was left with, I had only managed to finish about one third of the kitchen (and if that).

And you know what? Today we get to do it all over again. I want to lie down on the floor and not move. For several weeks.

Ah, well...onward and upward.

So that's going to be my day. What are you up to?